Friday, October 3, 2008

boys watching their popcorn pop in micro


Brett Emily & Jaxon said...

that is so cute! we had so much fun with your boys!

brenda said...

Hi Kendria!
I hope you don't mind me stopping by! I'm so glad to hear you have a blog! (I talked to your Mom today about your blog!) How are you? Congratulations! I didn't know about your exciting news! That is super! It sounds like maybe a little girl is coming! I hear you've been pretty sick! Sorry to hear that! It's all worth it in the end..right! You're boys are so cute and growing up fast! I guess those days of babysitting my little boys was a window looking into your future! I think there is a little girl looking back at you through that window! Best of luck to you! Love, brenda and family

ps. I just need your email address, if you would like to stop by and visit our blog! (

brenda said...

Hi Kendria!

Your Mom just called and gave me your good news! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for you and your family--your little boys will be so cute with a little sister!

We have loved having Brianna as our caboose! She has been so much fun! My boys adore her, she is very loved! (I say "loved" instead of "spoiled"!):) It's so great to be in the little girl isle again! You will be on cloud nine for a long time!

I hope you get feeling better!
Best of luck to you!

Kim & Max Willis family said...

Three boys!!! I can't believe it Kendria! how is everything? your family is adorable! such handsome BOYS!

CGL Bible said...

Hi Kendria!
I have been thinking a lot about you. How are you? I have been searching for you on the internet and found your cute blog today. what a cute family.
Call me sometime or e-mail me,, 702-638-2231. I am going to Yuma next week and Mesa on the weekend.
love ya, Kim Dye